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Registration of food processing facilities

Persons liable to be registered are holders of a food processing activity (legal entities, sole traders and natural entities), if they pursue any of the following activities:

  • import or export, production, processing, packaging, storing, transport, distribution, placement of the foodstuffs of non-animal origin on the market,
  • sale (retail, wholesale, at the marketplace, at the stand, online, via mail),
  • catering activities (restaurants, inns, snack bars, confectioneries and coffee shops, temporary catering facilities, tourist farms, food preparation and delivery (catering), including the facilities serving drinks,
  • activities in institutionalised food facilities (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, institutes and centres, including the food for child care facilities),
  • activities in the facilities for the food at works,
  • activities related to the food supplements and foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses or health uses.

Registration is not required, if the activity refers to the production for domestic use or occasional activities, such as: school events, occasional charity events, offer of refreshment drinks at the hairdresser's, etc., which do not indicate a level of organisation required for the food processing activity (permanent or seasonal).

Last modified:
8. 9. 2021