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Registration to pursue the activity in the Republic of Slovenia


An insurance company that may carry out insurance transactions in individual insurance types may also carry out transactions in these insurance types in the Republic of Slovenia through a branch office or directly.

An insurance company may commence carrying out insurance transactions directly if the competent supervisory authority submits the following documents to the Insurance Supervision Agency:

1. a statement from the competent supervisory authority in the Member State of origin that the insurance company in the Member State has the required capital;

2. a list of insurance types in which the insurance company may carry out insurance transactions in accordance with the licence to carry out insurance transactions;

3. a list of insurance types the insurance company will conclude in the Republic of Slovenia;

4. name and address of the head office of the insurance company or addresses of offices if they differ from the address of the head office.

An insurance company in a Member State that intends to carry out insurance transactions directly in the Republic of Slovenia may commence carrying out these transactions when the company is informed by the supervisory authority of the Member State that the authority has submitted the information referred to in the first paragraph to the Insurance Supervision Agency.

Last modified:
4. 8. 2020