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Informative Notice

Certain content is still being edited. Thank you for your understanding.

The recognition of professional qualifications for practicing private security professions

At his or her request, the vocational qualification of a foreign natural person acquired abroad shall be recognised in accordance with the Act regulating the procedure for recognising the professional qualifications of citizens of Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation for the performance of regulated professions or regulated activities in the Republic of Slovenia.

The application of a Slovenian citizen who has acquired a professional or vocational qualification abroad shall be considered under the same conditions as that of a foreign person.

Prior to the first commencement of providing private security services in the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of the Interior shall, on the basis of the person’s application, compare the acquired qualifications with those valid in the Republic of Slovenia and decide in accordance with the Act regulating the procedure for recognising professional qualifications.

If in the country of origin of the qualifications the profession is not regulated, the applicant must fulfil the requirement of having pursued the activity concerned for one year during the previous ten years or complete regulated education and training intended for pursuit of the profession.

The procedure is initiated at the request of the applicant, who shall submit the application to the Ministry of the Interior, together with the annexes and the paid administrative fee.

If the Ministry finds significant differences between the individual’s training and the requisite national training, it shall impose a compensation measure, namely:

  • an aptitude test, or
  • an adaptation period of up to three years.

After examining the application and the attached supporting documents and subject to national regulations, the Ministry of the Interior shall issue:

  • a decision on the recognition of the professional qualification,
  • an interim decision (in the case of a compensation measure), or
  • a decision rejecting the recognition of the professional qualification.

The decision on the recognition of the professional qualification shall recognise the applicant’s professional qualification for the pursuit of the regulated profession.

The right to pursue a profession in the Republic of Slovenia shall be acquired when the applicant fulfils the other conditions, namely when he or she submits an application to the Ministry of the Interior for obtaining an official identity card for a particular profession.

Appeal procedure

No appeal shall be allowed against an administrative act issued by the competent ministry; however, an administrative dispute may be initiated. An administrative dispute shall be instituted by an action. 

The action shall be lodged directly with the Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia, Fajfarjeva 33, 1000 Ljubljana, during office hours or in due time by registered mail. If the action is sent by registered mail, the date it is posted shall be considered the date of delivery to the court. Two copies of the administrative act challenged and two copies of the action – as either a transcription or a copy – must be attached. 

The time limit to bring the action is 30 days from the service of the administrative act that concluded the procedure. 

Pursuant to the Courts Fees Act, a court fee under Heading No. 6111 in the amount of EUR 148 shall be paid when the action is brought. The court fee payment is to be made to bank account No. 01100-8450088976.