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The recognition of professional qualifications for practicing the profession of mountain guide in the Republic of Slovenia

Professionals who wish to pursue the regulated profession of mountain guide in the Republic of Slovenia and have acquired their professional qualifications in one of the Member States of the European Union, European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation can submit the application for the recognition of professional qualifications to the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, competent to conduct the procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications for practising the profession of mountain guide.

Candidates' competence to pursue a regulated profession is assessed in a special declaratory procedure that focuses on professional competencies rather than on the education acquired abroad.  If the profession is not regulated in the country of origin of the qualifications, candidates have to meet the requirement of having pursued the activity concerned for one year during the previous ten years or completed regulated education and training geared to the pursuit of the profession. Candidates who meet the education and training requirements in the country of origin of the qualifications have their professional qualification for pursuing a particular profession recognised provided there are no major derogations from the conditions laid down for the pursuit of that profession in the regulations of the Republic of Slovenia. 

If the Ministry establishes in the procedure that a candidate's professional qualifications derogate too much from national requirements, candidates can be required to carry out one of the compensation measures, i.e.:

  • an adaptation period, during which they meet the missing conditions; or
  • an aptitude test.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology first examines the application and the enclosed supporting documents on the acquired professional qualifications and then, subject to national regulations, issues:

  • a decision on the recognition of professional qualifications;
  • an interim decision (in case of compensation measure); or
  • a decision rejecting the recognition of professional qualifications.

A decision on the recognition of professional qualifications means a recognition of a candidate's professional qualifications for the pursuit of regulated profession of mountain guide; the right to pursue the profession is acquired upon the inclusion in the List of Mountain Guides, kept by the Slovenian Mountain Guides Association.

Appeal procedure

There is no appeal against a decision issued by the competent ministry, though an administrative dispute may be initiated. An administrative dispute is commenced by an action to be lodged directly with the Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia, Fajfarjeva 33, 1000 Ljubljana, during office hours or in due time by registered mail. If sent by registered mail, the date of posting is considered the date of delivery to the court. Two copies of the administrative act challenged and two copies of the action – either as transcription or copy – are to be enclosed.

The time limit to bring the action is 30 days from the service of the decision that concluded the procedure.

Pursuant to the Courts Fees Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia [Uradni list RS], Nos 37/08, 97/10, 63/13, 58/14 – Constitutional Court Decision, 19/15 – Constitutional Court Decision, 30/16, 10/17 – ZPP-E, 11/18 – ZIZ-L and 35/18 – Constitutional Court Decision), a court fee under Heading No. 6111 in the amount of EUR 148 is to be paid when the action is brought. The court fee payment is to be made to bank account No. 01100-8450088976.

Last modified:
26. 9. 2022