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Train route

A transporter can implement a route on public railway infrastructure if a train route has been allocated. Access to public railway infrastructure is not permitted without an allocated train route.

Train route is the capacity of transport infrastructure, required for train ride between two places at a certain time.

The rights to use train route cannot be transferred to another person.


The public railway infrastructure operator prepares and publishes the text of the Network Programme for the Republic of Slovenia within 12 months prior to the initiation of validity of the new network timetable at the latest. Temporary international train routes are established 11 months before a new timetable enters into force at the latest. The competent authorities and the operator prepare and publish the Catalogue of routes for a new parallel period.

The applicant must submit an application for the allocation of the train route to the competent authority, which is allocated for the next regular period, i.e. until the second Monday in April of the current year at the latest. A train route is allocated to the applicant after an administrative and content review.

The train route can be ordered through the Train route ordering programme. It is necessary to initially obtain a password and user name at the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Railway Transport (JAŽP). An applicant can order train routes through the Path Coordination System.

For the allocation of a train route, the transporter or applicant must have:

The competent authority issues a decision allocating the ordered train routes in two months prior to the validity of the timetable at the latest, i.e. for the new timetable period that enters into force at midnight on the second Saturday in December.

Renewal term

Train route is usually allocated once a year when the new timetable of the network is prepared for the next timetable period.