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How to register a company in Slovenia

There are no conditions limiting how to establish a company in Slovenia - anyone may register a company, and the procedure is the same for all EU, EEA Member Countries citizens and for citizens of the Swiss Confederation. 

Economic activity may be performed by an individual or business in a variety of different legal and organisational forms.

Individuals most often operate as sole traders (samostojni podjetnik or s.p.), legal entities may establish different forms of businesses: the most common are the limited liability company (LLC or d.o.o.) and public limited company (PLC or d.d.).

Non-residents of the Republic of Slovenia have to obtain a Slovenian tax number before starting to set up a business in Slovenia.

The establishment, management and organisation of companies in Slovenia is regulated by the Companies Act, which is fully harmonised with EU legislation.

What do you have to know in order to register a company in Slovenia?

Prior to the registration procedure, you need the following data:

Company name

The company name must clearly differ from the names of other companies. Prior to registration, verify that the name is different in the AJPES business register. 

Company's representatives

All types of companies (except sole traders) must appoint at least one company director. Several directors and an additional procurator can be appointed. A director who is not employed,is not a student or retired must be employed by the company.

Head office of the company

The head office and business address of the company must be set up before the company is established. The head office is the place where the company's activities are performed. The business address is also located at the head office (street and number).

Activities of the company

No specific conditions apply to the establishment of a company; therefore, anyone may establish a company. Any conditions relate to the activity of the company.

In the case of some activities, certain conditions need to be fulfilled before starting to trade.The business must obtain permits or ensure operations are carried out by a fully qualified person. These conditions are known as entry conditions.

Some activities do not have any conditions - they are not regulated. Entry conditions can be checked and verified in the list of regulated activities.

Legal forms of companies in Slovenia

Establishing a business is free,  simple and fast. It should take less than three days from submitting the application. If applicant obtain a digital certificate, they may also establish the business via Slovenian Business Point portal or at one of the SPOT point locations.