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SIGEN-CA digital certificate for foreign business entities

How a business can obtain a SIGEN-CA certificate

Step 1

To obtain a SIGEN-CA Certificate for a business, the person responsible for the business, and the future owner  must fill out a claim on the SI-TRUST website for the acquisition of the certificate and submit it in person or by proxy at one of the diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Slovenia. This can be done abroad or at the head office of SIGEN-CA (certification authority of the Ministry of Public Administration, Tržaška 21, Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Upon submission of the claim, the applicant must also submit valid photo ID. (This may include a personal identification card, passport, driver's licence etc.). The form for the claim can be obtained at the SI-TRUST website.

Step 2

Administrative unit officials identify the applicant, verify the credibility of the data and forward the data to SIGEN-CA. 

Step 3

If this is the appllicants first application, or if they wish to apply for  a new contract following the expiry of the previous one, they will receive a new Contract on SIGEN-CA qualified certificates management for foreign business entities which must be signed by both parties. 

After the contract has been signed, SIGEN-CA prepares a reference number and authorisation code which are unique for each future holder of the digital certificate. The reference number is sent by e-mail; the authorisation code is sent by post.

It usually takes an average of five working days for the reference number and code to be issued.

Step 4

The applicant must find the appropriate SI-TRUST website and type in the reference number and authorisation code to  acquire the digital certificate.
The acquisition and digital certificate protection procedure is described on SI-TRUST website.  

A Digital SIGEN-CA certificate is valid for 5 years.

Last modified:
5. 5. 2021