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SIGEN-CA digital certificate for natural persons

How a foreign persons can obtain a SIGEN-CA digital certificate

Step 1

To obtain a SIGEN-CA certificate a foreign persons must submit a completed claim form together with valid photo ID to any administrative unit

(Photo ID may include a personal identification card, passport, driver's licence etc.)

Step 2

Administrative unit officials will identify the applicant, verify the credibility of the data and send the data to SIGEN-CA. 

Step 3

Based on an approved claim, SIGEN-CA prepares a reference number and an authorisation code which are unique for each applicant. The reference number is sent by e-mail; the authorisation code is sent by post.

Within ten days of the approval of the claim, SIGEN-CA will send data for the acquisition of the digital certificate. The average period for acquiring this data is five working days.

Step 4

The applicant must find the appropriate SIGEN-CA website; type in their reference number and authorisation code, and obtain their digital certificate.

The acquisition and digital certificate protection procedure is described in greater detail on SIGEN-CA's website.

Digital certificates are valid for 5 years. After the certificate expires, if the person wishes to continue using electronic services with the SIGEN-CA digital certificate, they will need to obtain a new SIGEN-CA certificate.

Applications for a new SIGEN-CA certificate can be applied for via the website form. This must be done at least two months before the validity of the current digital certificate expires.

Last modified:
6. 8. 2021