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Application procedure for cross-border/temporary provision of profession

Step 1: Send the application with the required documents to the competent authority

In the case of regulated professions, before starting commencing cross border/ temporary provision of profession in Slovenia, a company must send a written application to the competent authority on the prescribed form.

List of proffesions:

In accordance with Slovenian legislation, an individual or business must define the profession that it wishes to practise cross border in its application. If the profession is not regulated in individual or businesses own country, a document proving that an individual performed that profession for at least one year prior to the application must be attached. If the profession is regulated in the individual's own country, it must be proved that all conditions for the practise of that profession are fulfilled.

The documents that must be attached are stated on the application form; however,  the requirements of the competent authority that manages the procedure for each individual profession can vary.

Step 2: Receive approval from the competent authority or supplement an application

The authority must inform an applicant within one month of receiving the application and all documents as to whether they fulfil all the conditions for the cross-border/temporary practise of your profession.

If the applicant does, the authority issues a decision on the recognition of professional qualifications. If they don't, the authority must notify them of the reasons for the delay.

If they don't respond within one month from the submission of your application, then the applicant may start practising their profession in Slovenia on a temporary basis.

If the authority decidesthat a professional qualification needs further verification and notifies a person of this fact, they have one month to supplement the information already provided.

Supplementary measure

If the authority decides on the implementation of a supplementary measure, the procedure for recognising the professional qualifications for the temporary practise of an activity or profession follows and must be concluded in one month. The most frequent measure is a test of the applicant.

The entire application procedure must be concluded within three months.

Step 3: Send the application to the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia

Before commencing work (at least one day before), a individual must report the occasional practise of their cross border profession to the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia on an appropriate form.

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12. 1. 2023