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Posted workers

Provision of services with posted workers in Slovenia

If a company is registered in one of the EU/EEA country or the Swiss Confederation,  the company can send its workers on a short assignment to Slovenia (maximum 2 years) while staying covered by their home country's social security system; the worker will be then considered a posted worker.

A posted worker can be either an employee posted by an employer, or a self-employed person.

What is the Slovenian procedure for providing services using posted workers?

To provide services in Slovenia using posted workers, a statement regarding the provision of services using eForm (in English language) must be submitted to the Employment Service of Slovenia.

It has to be submitted at least one day prior to the start of work. The aforementioned form includes the following information:

  • number of posted workers,
  • type of service,
  • location and duration of the provision of services, and
  • name and surname of the posted worker who will serve as your liaison with the competent Slovenian supervisory authorities.
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Important things to remember in the provision of services using posted workers:

  • Documents regarding occupational health and safety and evidence of the working hours of posted workers should be available at all times to supervisory authorities at the place where services are provided.
  • A business may provide services in Slovenia without a work permit using posted workers, provided that minimum working conditions and employment according to Slovenian law and collective agreements are followed.
  • If a posted worker remains in their home social security system, they will need to complete an A1 form. This form proves that the posted worker is still covered by their home system while abroad - for up to 2 years. The posted worker should be able to present the A1 form to the authorities at any time during their stay in Slovenia.