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Annual leave in Slovenia

Age, disability, children, the physical injury of the employee, or care for disabled child are considered grounds for obtaining additional days of annual leave in Slovenia. Employees are also entitled to additional free days based on criteria specified in collective agreements or employer's general acts, and as determined in their employment contract.

An employee who holds a part-time employment contract can claim a proportional amount of annual leave.

An employer must pay an employee who has the right to annual leave holiday pay to the minimum amount of the employee’s wage. An employee is entitled to this payment after six months of a continuous employment relationship, regardless of whether the employee works full- or part-time. If the employee is entitled to a proportional part of annual leave, they  only have the right to a proportional part of holiday pay - i.e. one twelfth of holiday pay for each month of work.

The employer must let the employee take the annual leave entitlement by the end of the current calendar year. The employee must use at least two weeks of annual leave before the end of the current calendar year; the remaining part can be used in agreement with the employer up until 30 June of the following year.

National holidays in Slovenia are work-free days. Holidays in Slovenia:

  • 1 and 2 January: New Year
  • 8 February: Slovenian cultural holiday - Prešeren Day
  • Easter Monday
  • 27 April: Day of Uprising against Occupation
  • 1 and 2 May: Labour Day
  • 25 June: Statehood Day
  • 15 August: Feast of the Assumption
  • 31 October: Reformation Day
  • 1 November: All Saints' Day
  • 25 December: Christmas
  • 26 December: Independence Day

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