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Performing activities in a craft manner

Craft activities are those carried out in a craft way. To protect human life, health and property or to ensure the protection of the environment, certain craft activities require appropriate professional qualifications to be checked in the process of issuing the Craft permit.

Activities performed in a craft way are characterized by:

  • that production or service activities are carried out based on individual orders, that production is carried out only in small series and that serial production does not comprise a major part of the activity,
  • that machinery, tools and technical devices suitable for carrying out craft activities are used and those devices do not have the characteristics of conveyors or automated work processes,
  • that personal engagement in the production, provision of services or in the management is predominant,
  • craft activities are carried out on a permanent basis.

An activity is not considered as craft if:

  • is performed by an economic subject that has organized individual business functions as rounded stages of the business process (e.g. financial, purchasing, sales and production functions),
  • is carried out on a small scale to complement the other activities of the economic subject,
  • it is carried out by an economic subject classified as large and medium-sized under the law that is governing companies.

A list of activities that are usually performed in a craft manner is published on the Chamber of Crafts pages.

In the event that you carry out activities from this list in a craft way, when registering this activity, business subjects will be automatically entered in the Craft Register with the Chamber of Craft.

A list of craft activities which, in order to protect human life, health and property or to ensure the protection of the environment, requires adequate professional qualifications and consequently obtain a business license is laid down in the Crafts Regulation.