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Activities of call centres (82.190)

 There is no information on the prescribed entry conditions for the activities/services of this sub-class. 

Activities/services which are classified in this sub-class of the standard classification of activities:

Activities/services according to explanations of the standard classification of activities

Ths includes:
  • the activity of call centres which for a third party (for payment or according to a contract) perform technical services for the client in relation to customer relations;
  • input call centres where operators reply to calls by using automatic call distributors, computerised phone connections or with interactive voice contact or a similar method for accepting orders, for the provision of information on products;
  • output call centres which perform market research for clients by phone, direct marketing, verification of addresses etc.
Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Activities/services added to the questions and answers table (SURS):

  • Telecare service – SOS doctor
Source Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

    Applies for SKD:

    • Activities of call centres N82.200

    Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

    Performance of the activity in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.
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