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Activity of electricity market operator

The activity of electricity market operator is a mandatory public utility service. The electricity market operator enables all participants on the electricity market to actively operate.

The tasks of the public utility service include:

  • managing the balance scheme for the electricity market;
  • keeping a record of contracts on membership in the balance scheme, operational forecasts and closed contracts;
  • managing the electricity balancing market;
  • implementation of activities of the Centre for RES/CHP support;
  • implementation of balance calculation;
  • implementation of calculation and settlement of deals related to the tasks referred to in the previous indents;
  • collection, analysis and publication of data for the purpose of ensuring the transparency of electricity market operations.

It is necessary to be registered and obtain a concession in order to perform the activity of the electricity market operator.

Applies for SKD:

  • Trade of electricity D35.140


  • To pursue the activity, it must be registered as a public utility service.

    Companies provide material public goods to meet the needs of the public if these cannot be met by the market.

    Legal basis

  • Electricity transmission system operator can perform this activity based on an exclusive right granted by concession. As a concession provider, the Republic of Slovenia grants the concession to one market operator for the entire territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

    The Government of the Republic of Slovenia issues a decision granting the concession for the public utility service under this regulation to the concessionaire without a public tender. Mutual relations between the government and the concessionaire are specifically regulated in the concession contract.


Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

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