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The preparation of a forest road design  shall comprise, as a minimum, elaboration and coordination of project documentation for the construction of a forest road, and the project-related technical counselling.

Project design activities may only be performed by responsible project designers of forest roads with adequate professional qualifications that are members of an economic operator or co-operative that are entered in the register of companies as performing project design activities, or has such activity registered with the relevant tax administration body as a sole proprietor.

Before starting construction of the road  the investor shall send a request for the preparation of the paper defining the gradeline (zero-line)  to the Slovenian Forest Service. The request may include the conceptual design of the planned forest road. The paper defining the zero line is the mandatory basis for designing forest roads; it defines the key elements of potential road lines (routes, corridors) in the area to be opened?

The Slovenian Forest Service must produce the paper defining the zero line within one month from the receipt of the request. If in drafting the paper defining the zero line the Slovenian Forest Service establishes that the planned forest road would substantially harm the very function of the forest, the Service shall refuse to draft the paper and shall refuse to issue the building permit by way of a decision.

Applies for SKD:

  • Other engineering activities and related techical consultancy M71.129


  • Applicants who wish to pursue this activity must register the business activity, and have the appropriate legal status.

  • A forest road may only be designed by a responsible project designer for technical project designing of appropriate level and field of education. The title of responsible project designer for technical project designing is obtained by an individual upon entering the Chamber and entering in the register of the authorised engineers or by expanding the authorisation in the register of authorised engineers.

    A responsible project designer is responsible for every project design which he prepared and confirmed with his signature and stamp. A responsible project designer also guarantees that the project design is in compliance with spatial planning documents, building regulations and project conditions to fulfil all crucial requirements and that it is in compliance with detailed reports.

    A responsible head of the project is responsible for mutual harmonisation of all project plans confirmed by his signature and stamp.

    A project designer who undertakes the preparation of the project documentation must appoint responsible project designer for all plans that constitute the project. If only one responsible project designer is responsible for the preparation of project documentation, this project designer also acts as the responsible head of the project.


Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Performance of the activity in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.
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