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Growing of grapes

Wine growing is an activity dealing with the growing of grapevines and producing table wine and grapes for processing. Grape production encompasses all works performed in a vineyard, including grape harvesting.

In a particular wine growing region, wine may be produced from the vine varieties set forth by vine selection. When harvesting, the industrial maturity of grapes is to be considered.

For wine growing on a smaller scale and for one's own needs, an entry permit is not required.

Producers who grow grapes (for wine production) for sale or farm 0.05 ha or more of vineyards must be entered into the Grape and Wine Producer Register. When growing grapes for world-class wines, producers must take into account additional conditions.

Producers who grow table grapes and farm at least 0.2 ha of an intensive orchard must be entered into the Register of Agricultural Holdings.

Producers who are entered into the Grape and Wine Producer Register must report to their administrative unit once a year concerning their yields (this only applies to producers who farm at least 0.1 ha of vineyards or market their products).

Producers who intend to restore their vineyard for wine growing or plant it once again, must submit an application for the restoration of their vineyard at the administrative unit within the required deadline.

A wine grower who uses phytopharmaceuticals (plant protection products) must follow the rules for their proper use, use only the phytopharmaceuticals that have been registered in the Republic of Slovenia, and also acquire a permit for emergencies or a parallel trade permit for, if necessary.

Wine growing is closely connected with wine production because the planting of plantations significantly affects the properties of grapes for wine production.

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24. 5. 2023