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Informative Notice

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Hotel activity is considered as a hospitality accommodation activity, which involves renting accommodation capacities to travellers, tourists and other guests for a short period of time, usually on a daily or weekly basis.

Hotels and similar accommodation facilities offer accommodation in rooms or apartments, sometimes including a cooking area. They offer accommodation in furnished rooms, daily cleaning of rooms. Additional options and services are offered to guests: supply with food and drinks, parking spaces, swimming pools, gyms, recreational areas, conference and meeting areas.

The facility, where hospitality activity is implemented, must be appropriately marked, has an appropriate operating permit, considers the minimum spatial conditions and has appropriately arranged outdoor areas. The minimum scope of services must be ensured for a specific hospitality facility, and it must operate regularly so that it is approved by the municipality. When implementing your activity, you need to consider the limitations of selling tobacco products and the restrictions of selling and offering alcohol beverages.

No preliminary decision on the fulfilment of conditions for carrying out a hospitality activity is required, but all conditions must be fulfilled, which will be supervised by competent inspectorates.

Hotel accommodation activity can also be implemented in:

  • hotel resorts,
  • hotels with conference capacities,
  • health spa hotels,
  • hotels with casinos.

Applies for SKD:

  • Hotels and similar accommodation I55.100