The Slovenian Business point website administrator strives to ensure that content is accessible to all users in accordance with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Apps Act.

Systematic provision of content accessibility

In order to ensure accessibility requirements, certain adaptations have been made systemically, such as:

  • responsive design (adapting the layout of the screen resolution content),
  • display content for users of assistive technologies (for example: screen readers, Braille bar),
  • keyboard navigation (adjustment for users who cannot use the mouse),
  • appropriate colour contrasts (between text and background),
  • the foreseeable operation of the website,
  • it is possible to attach images with alternative text,
  • it is possible to use different levels of titles.

Exceptions to ensuring the accessibility of content

The Slovenian business point portal is partly in line with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Apps Act, because although the portal is constantly monitoring and improving individual accessibility features, certain content does not meet all the accessibility requirements set out in that law.

Examples of such content are:

  • scanned documents in PDF format,
  • programme-generated documents (e.g. annual reports),
  • more complex data tables.

The Slovenian business point portal is not yet fully adapted to technical accessibility requirements due to the scale of customisations of web applications operating on this website. A major renovation of the procedural part of the portal is underway, the completion is planned by the end of 2022. The full adaptation of the portal to the accessibility requirements represents a disproportionate burden for the Ministry of Public Administration given the size of the content on the portal. The renovation cannot be completed earlier due to limited resources.

Help and notification of cases of non compliance

Due to frequent updates of content, visitors may occasionally encounter accessibility problems when browsing the website, despite efforts to make all websites as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

Notification of cases of non compliance with the provisions of the law and the requirement to provide information in an accessible form can be sent by regular mail via. e-mail to the address of the administrator of the Slovenian Business point portal:

You will receive a reply to your request within eight days. If we are unable to provide an adequate response within this deadline, we will inform you when the reply will be given and the reasons for delaying the reply.

In case you find deviations from the provisions of the Act on Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Apps, you can submit a notification to the Information Society Inspectors by regular mail or via e-mail to the following address:

Declaration of accessibility of content

The Accessibility Statement was drawn up on 1 September 2021 based on a self-assessment and and will be revised at further site reviews.


Last modified:
7. 10. 2021