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Maritime agency transactions

Maritime agency transactions are implemented by a maritime agent based on a concluded contract on maritime agency with the contracting authority. The contracting authority is a client, in the name and for the account of which a maritime agent performs services.

Maritime agency transactions encompass transactions in connection with the provision, representation and other services in relation to navigation and use of ships such as:

  • acceptance and sending of ships,
  • marketing,
  • concluding contracts on the use of ships and equipment,
  • purchase and sale of ships and equipment,
  • construction and repairs of ships and equipment, concluding transhipment and warehouse contracts,
  • concluding insurance contracts,
  • issuing transport and other documents,
  • realising claims,
  • engaging the crew and caring for the crew,
  • organisation of ship supply.

Applies for SKD:

  • Other transportation support activities H52.290

Cross-border/temporary provisions of activity

Čezmejno opravljanje dejavnosti pomorskih agencijskih poslov poteka ob izpolnjevanju pogojev skladno z zakonodajo Republike Slovenije.