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Organisation for embryo transplants in livestock farming

An organisation for collecting, obtaining, and transplanting embryos is a legal or natural person who is authorised to obtain, prepare, store, transplant, and sell embryos of breeding cattle, horses, pigs, goats, and sheep. On the basis of a decision concerning approval, a competent authority enters an organisation into the Register of Organisation for Embryo Collection.


The embryo management team consists of the responsible team leader, one or more members of technical staff, and one or more veterinary assistants.

Embryos are obtained from donor animals that are medically suitable and that have been separated from other animals during collection, in facilities that may be cleaned with water or disinfected.

When obtaining an embryo, an organisation must fill out a certificate with regard to obtaining embryos and issue a certificate with regard to embryo transplant. It must ensure suitable embryo storage, the suitable marking of shipments of issued ova or embryos, keep records and provide data to the Central Register of Reproduction.

Applies for SKD:

  • Support activities for animal production A01.620
Last modified:
8. 9. 2021