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Authorisation for the implementation of initial training

The first training of coordinators can be performed by contractors who acquire the authorisation for the implementation of the first training of coordinators from the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. 

A contractor who wants to acquire the authorisation lodges an application at the Ministry. 

Based on the opinion of the three-member commission, the minister issues a decision and decides on the application for the issue and on the withdrawal of the authorisation. 

The authorisation is withdrawn upon the proposal of the labour inspector, if the contractor does not fulfil the conditions or if major irregularities are found at the implementation of first training programmes. Major irregularities mean that the programme of initial training is not implemented in the scope and with the content as was attached to the application for the issue of the authorisation or if appropriate experts are not cooperating at the implementation of the first training programme. 

The contractor must verify if the participants at the first training fulfil the conditions for the application, i.e. appropriate education, passed appropriate professional exam and working experience.


These terms apply to activity Initial training for coordinators for health and safety at work at temporary and mobile construction sites

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8. 9. 2021