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Community licence to perform international road haulage

A Community licence to perform international road haulage may be acquired by sole traders or legal entities who meet the prescribed conditions to perform this activity.

An application to acquire a Community licence should be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia or the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia.

Within 15 days of receiving a complete application, the licence issuer issues the applicant:

  • a decision on granting the licence to perform transport,
  • a licence certificate and
  • copies of the licence for each individual vehicle.

A carrier is issued as many copies of the licence as they need to perform road transport and for which they meet the conditions.

The original of the licence (certificate) is kept at the carrier's head office. During road transport and while driving, drivers must keep a copy of the licence in the vehicle.

A domestic carrier may begin road hauilage on the day the licence is delivered.


These terms apply to activity International haulage by road

  • Applicants who wish to pursue this activity must register the business activity, and have the appropriate legal status.

  • A company, an authorised person for representation and an authorised transport manager must not be convicted of criminal offences or punished with final and binding effect for a serious offence.

    The condition of having a good reputation is not met by a person who:

    1. Has been convicted of criminal offences against:
      • Property, the economy, road traffic safety, employment relationship and social security, legal transactions, general safety of people and property, the environment, space and natural goods, or
      • A conviction for other criminal offences resulting in imprisonment for longer than one year;

    Good reputation is not withheld if a person or organisation:

    1. Has been convicted of a violation of regulations in the field of:
      • Transporting passengers or goods,
      • Road traffic safety,
      • Travel times and mandatory rests for drivers,
      • Hazardous goods transport,
      • Preventing undeclared work and employment,
      • Protection of competition,
      • Payment transactions,
      • The greater permissible masses or dimensions of vehicles in road traffic or
      • Environmental protection, more than twice in the previous two years.

    A serious offence is an offence for which a fine higher than EUR 3,000 or EUR 800 for an individual was issued as the main sanction. 


  • A carrier must be able to fulfil its financial liabilities anytime during the financial year.

    Suitable financial position means that a carrier has capital and reserves in the amount of:

    • EUR 9,000.00 for the first motor vehicle and
    • EUR 5,000.00 for each additional motor vehicle.


    The applicant may show their suitable financial position with:

    • an extract from the register of companies which shows the amount of start-up capital, which is acquired by the authority ex officio, or
    • a copy of the balance sheet submitted by the carrier to the tax authority for the previous year, or
    • a list of individual plant, property and equipment according to the carrying amount, or
    • evidence of ownership of unburdened property if they are liable for their activity with them, or
    • a contract on time deposit with a special purpose in a bank which must be valid for the duration of the licence validity in order to ensure financial ability to acquire the licence, or
    • a bank guarantee or any other financial institution which issues guarantees for good business operations of the carrier during the period of the guarantee validity in the amount required to acquire the licence.

  • A road haulier company appoints at least one individual as a transport manager. This person manages the company’s activity, is connected with the company (its employee, director, owner shareholder or is an entrepreneur), and resides in an EU Member State.

    A transport manager performs the following tasks for the transport company:

    • Manages the transport;
    • Prepares transport contracts;
    • Receives orders;
    • Draws up transport plans;
    • Provides suitable equipment for the vehicle fleet;
    • Prepares a plan of regular vehicle maintenance;
    • Provides for the suitable training of drivers;
    • Draws up work plans;
    • Prepares instructions for drivers and provides for compliance with safety requirements;
    • Prepares and provides for suitable liability insurance to perform the activity and other insurance

    A transport manager must be familiar with legislation and rules in various professional fields: civil, commercial, labour and social law, tax regulations, business and financial management of a company, access to the transport market, technical standards and aspects of operations, and road safety.

    A transport manager may be a person who has acquired a certificate of professional competence to perform the road transport of goods or passengers or taxi services on the basis of a successfully passed test.


  • A company that performs the activity of a taxi service must own at least one motor vehicle for individual types of transport registered in the Republic of Slovenia or have the right to use this vehicle on the basis of a concluded hiring or lease contract. 


    • Copy of a vehicle registration certificate or
    • Copy of a hiring contract or
    • Copy of a lease contract.

    Legal basis

Renewal term

After five years, a domestic carrier must renew the licence to perform transport. The carrier must file an application to renew the licence at least two months prior to the expiry of the licence.

A maximum of four and a minimum of two months prior to the expiry of the licence, the licence issuer must send a written note alerting the carrier to the expiry of the licence.

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