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Concession for performing public veterinary services

To perform public veterinary services, a veterinary organisation has to obtain a decision from the Slovenian Veterinary Chamber (verification) as well as the concession of the Veterinary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (VURS).

Veterinary organisations with a concession perform public veterinary services, ensuring minimum standards of health care of animals which are financed from the Slovenian budget in allocated areas; other public veterinary services can be performed throughout the Republic of Slovenia.

The state as the provider of the concession grants the concessionaire a license to perform a certain activity that is part of the public veterinary service for a period of 10 years.

VURS grants concessions on the basis of public tenders published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia.

VURS decides on the selection of the concessionaire by issuing a decision. Once the decision has been made, VURS sends a written contract to the concessionaire, which specifies:

  • the activities of public veterinary service performed by the concessionaire;
  • veterinarians who will perform individual activities as specified in the contract;
  • the area where the concessionaire is obliged to perform the public veterinary services;
  • the method and conditions for performing the activity as specified in the contract;
  • the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the concessionaire and veterinaries;
  • working hours and times or method of ensuring continuous health care for animals;
  • start and duration of concession;
  • source of financing the performance of public services;
  • supervision of the performance of public services;
  • termination of the concession in relation to the concessionaire or veterinarian;
  • deadline for the termination of concession.

The concessionaire is liable for all damages caused by the concessionaire's employees to users or other persons during the performance, or in connection with the performance, of concession.

The concession is terminated:

  • by withdrawal or
  • termination of contract.
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