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Decision on the recognition of professional qualification of responsible designer in architecture

A decision on the recognition of professional qualifications gives an individual permission to pursue a regulated profession in the Republic of Slovenia.

The individual has the right to pursue a regulated profession from the date of the decision on the recognition of professional qualifications.

Within eight days of the decision, the competent authority enters the individual in the ZAPS register. By being entered in the register, the individual becomes a member of the Chamber with all member's rights and obligations.

If the profession in the country of establishment is not regulated, the service provider must provide services they wish to provide in the Republic of Slovenia in this country uninterruptedly or totally for at least two years within the period of the last ten years, before starting to provide the services in the Republic of Slovenia.


These terms apply to the profession Certified architect (PA)

  • An individual must meet all the conditions prescribed in the country of origin in order to practice a regulated profession.

    If the profession is not regulated in the country of origin, the individual must perform the services which the latter wishes to provide in the Republic of Slovenia in the home country continuously or for at least two years in the period of the previous ten years before he/she performing these services in the Republic of Slovenia.


    • Certificates issued by the competent authorities of European union Member States on the fulfilment of conditions to practice a profession (e.g. certificate of a completed professional examination, membership of a professional chamber),
    • evidence of other qualifications and professional experience (if the profession is not regulated in the country of origin). 
    The documents must be submitted in the original or in a certified copy thereof translated into Slovenian language.

  • Insurance against liability for damages that might be incurred by an investor or a third party in connection with the pursuit of architectural and engineering activities may be concluded as:

    • a comprehensive guarantee, which shall be renewed annually; or
    • as collateral for a particular transaction falling within the scope of the economic operator’s activity.

    The insurance shall cover the liability for negligence resulting in damage or material defect and including among direct material damage (damage and destruction) also the costs directly required for the elimination or prevention of damage without the occurrence of any actual damage.

    The damage that must be covered by insurance also includes:

    • damage in the form of a reduction in the value of the business transaction or construction, and
    • other damage resulting from a claim made by an investor or a third party.

    The liability insurance must cover the damage for actions taken during the period of insurance or for actions for which a loss event notice has been filed during the period of the insurance.

    The insurance amount for all insurance cases in a given year or for an individual transaction, if the insurance is taken out for a particular business operation, shall not be less than EUR 50,000.

    The insurance policy must contain the following:

    • the names of the certified architects and engineers covered by the insurance, or
    • the general clause that the liability insurance covers all certified architects and engineers in the economic operator.

    Insurance may also take the form of collective insurance through the Chamber.


    Proof of liability insurance shall be a document showing that liability insurance was established in the Republic of Slovenia or in a state party, under the condition that such insurance covers any damage caused in the Republic of Slovenia.

    The competent authority shall accept as sufficient evidence a certificate to that effect issued by a bank or insurance undertaking of the Contracting State of origin. Where the competent authority has reasonable doubt as to the validity of older evidence, it may request that evidence not be older than three months.

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