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Permission to carry out a strategic activity

For strategic goods listed in group 1 of the Decree on setting the list of strategic goods and related control regimes, it is necessary to obtain a permit to carry out a certain strategic activity.

A permit for the implementation of a strategic activity is issued for each completed strategic activity separately. In special cases, a general authorization may be issued for several types of strategic goods, several countries or a longer period of validity.

In the process of deciding on the issuing of a permit, a strategic risk assessment is made, which assesses the possible consequences and the impact of the planned implementation of the strategic activity on national or international security. The procedure for preparing a strategic risk assessment begins with the application of the person liable The competent authority shall then request the competent members of the Committee for strategic goods (from competent ministries and other authorities) for opinions, views and relevant information, which they shall provide in writing. The final strategic risk assessment shall be made by the competent authority as a written document containing the assessment and justification.

The administrative fee is assessed in accordance with the Administrative Fees Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 106/10 - officially consolidated text):

Subject to heading No 1, an administrative fee of EUR 4.50 shall be paid for each application and each supplement to an application. The administrative fee for the application is paid to sub-account 01100-1000315637 reference 11 27154-7111002-07293, with a certificate of payment of the fee attached to the application.

In order to obtain a permit to carry out a strategic activity, on the basis of tariff no. 46, point 3, levy the following fees for:

  • permit for strategic activity (over 10 kg) EUR 35.00 and
  • permit for the implementation of a strategic activity (up to and including 10 kg) EUR 15.00.

The fee based on tariff no. 46, point 3 shall be assessed upon receipt of a complete application on the payment order. Do not pay the fee before submitting the application.

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