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Entry in the register of veterinary licences

Upon entry in the register, an individual acquires the title veterinarian.

The written application is lodged at the Veterinary Chamber.

The Veterinary Chamber verifies the data of the state examination passed at the Veterinary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia; it also receives acknowledgment of the qualification from the Ministry of Labour; it then issues a decision on granting a licence.

Data on licences issued are entered in the register of veterinary licences.


These terms apply to the profession Veterinary

Renewal term

Veterinarians are obliged to participate in periodical training and pass the prescribed knowledge examinations according to the programme prepared by the Veterinary Chamber.

Educational activities comprise active or passive attendance at expert courses, seminars, lectures and other activities (e.g. expert papers, publications etc.), which are scored according to the Educational Activities Assessment System, which states the rules on the implementation and assessment of permanent expert training and professional qualification.

If the applicant does not pass the test, the Veterinary Chamber sends a notice before the temporary withdrawal of the licence, which states that all conditions must be met within one year.

If the veterinary does not pass the prescribed training in the additional period, the director of the Veterinary Chamber issues a decision on licence withdrawal, which applies until all conditions are fulfilled.

Renewal term: 10 years

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