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Professional health and safety at work exam

The professional exam comprises written and oral parts. The written part comprises a written assignment; the oral part comprises knowledge test and oral presentation of the written assignment. The programme of the professional exam is available on the website of the Ministry of Public Administration.

The oral part of the exam takes a maximum 60 minutes. A candidate is evaluated for the professional exam with the grade "successful" or "not successful". Candidates who have passed professional examination receive a certificate of passing professional examination, signed by the president of the exam commission. 

Candidates can apply for the professional exam at the Ministry of Public Administration at least 45 days prior to the envisaged date for performing the professional exam, i.e. with the application form that can be sent in electronic form to e-mail: gp.mju(at)gov.si. The application form must also comprise the statement of the achieved level and type of education and the confirmation on advance payment.

Such application shall contain:

  • name and surname of the candidate;
  • candidate's personal identification number;
  • candidate's permanent residence;
  • phone/mobile phone number;
  • fax, e-mail;
  • title and name of the authority/organisation or company that applies the candidate (not required for candidates who pay for the exam);
  • tax number of the authority/organisation or company that applies the candidate , or the payer's statement that the authority/organisation is liable for VAT under the law (yes, no) – title of finished school;
  • level and type of education;
  • job;
  • total work period in years and work period in the field of safety and health at work in years;
  • indication on the type of expert exam which you want to perform (professional exam in safety and health at work or general part of the professional exam in safety and health at work);
  • the date of taking the exam;
  • statement on the truthfulness of data.

A candidate who applies for taking the professional exam and fulfils the prescribed conditions, is notified by the ministry on the exam commission, the place and time of professional exam at least 15 days prior to the date of taking the exam.

The Ministry of Public Administration manages the register of professional exams in electronic form; the data from the register are available to the ministry and the inspectorate.



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