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Public authorisation for professional training in fishery

A public authorisation for professional training in fishery is granted based on the public tender.

A public authorisation is granted for implementing professional training. It is allocated by the competent authority to the legal or natural entity who fulfils the following conditions:

  • they must operate on the area of the entire country;
  • they must have appropriately trained staff for implementing public authorisation;
  • they must have the necessary infrastructure for effective implementation of public authorisations;
  • they must submit a cost calculation for the implementation of public authorisations.

Based on the public tender, a candidate submits a written application to the competent ministry. After the competent authority inspects the administrative aspect and the content of the application, they issue a decision in the administrative procedure. Mutual relations between the competent authority and the holder of the public authorisation are subsequently determined in the contract.

The public authorisation is withdrawn if the holder of the public authorisation does not fulfil the prescribed conditions or if the act in opposition with the regulations or concluded contract.

Last modified:
5. 8. 2020