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Specialist exam

Specialisation (residency) is followed by the specialist exam. The specialist exam can be taken by a medical trainee specialist candidate who implements the required specialisation programme.

The medical trainee specialist addresses the application for the specialist exam to the Medical Chamber of Slovenia. The application must include an appropriately completed sheet by the medical trainee specialist, the statement of the main mentor on the level of knowledge of the candidate for the specialist exam and confirmation of how the trainee specialist has acquired their knowledge, experience and skills for independent performance of work and services during specialisation. The Chamber approves that the candidate takes the specialist exam by issuing a decision.

If the medical trainee specialist fulfils all the conditions for performing the specialist exam, the Chamber issues a decision determining the exam commission and the time and place for taking the specialist exam. If the specialisation programme does not determine otherwise, the specialist exam is taken at an authorised service provider.

The specialist exam entails the theoretical and practical part. A three-member exam commission has a president and two members and decides with a majority vote. The candidate's success is evaluated with "passed" or "failed". If the candidate exhibits exceptional and above average knowledge, the exam commission can evaluate their knowledge with honours.

If the candidate does not pass the specialist exam, the exam commission can suggest to the Chamber to extend the specialisation and set other special requirements for continuation. The specialisation can be extended for a minimum of three months to a maximum of two years.

The candidate who passes the specialist exam receives a certificate from the Chamber for passing the specialist exam, thereby granting the title medical specialist of suitable speciality. The certificate on the passed specialist exam is signed by the president of the Education Council or, for doctors of dentistry, the president of the Dentistry Board, the president of the Chamber and the president of the exam commission.

The Chamber issues a licence for performing a certain speciality based on the certificate on the passed specialist exam and based on the application of the medical specialist.


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