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The entry of a medium in the media register

The media register includes all media that operate under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Slovenia. The ministry enters the medium in the register based on the issuer's written proposal that must contain the following mandatory data:
  • name of medium,
  • name or company name and head office or the permanent residence of the publisher,
  • publisher's responsible person, when the publisher is a legal entity,
  • type and time interval of media distribution,
  • name and surname of the editor-in-chief,
  • head office of the editor's board or editor-in-chief,
  • the method and envisaged distributing programmes,
  • the language of distributing programmes,
  • sources and method of financing,
  • data on persons with min. 5% ownership or majority share or share of voting rights in the property of the publisher of general information printed daily news or weekly news as well as radio and television programme. 
The publisher must notify the Ministry of Culture on the modification of data about the medium and on the termination of operations within 15 days from the time when the modification or termination occurs.