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Verification of secure wards in a social care institution

A secure ward is a ward in the social protection facility where the residents cannot leave the ward or the facility of their own will due to needs connected with mental health and constantly need special protection and care.

The following types of secure wards are organised in facilities with regard to the needs of persons for which institutional care is implemented:

  • secure ward for persons with mental health issues;
  • secure ward for persons with several disorders (mental development problems and long-term mental health problems) and
  • secure ward for persons who need partial or complete help and supervision due to the reduction of their cognitive functions.

The providers of social care services who implement the institutional care in secure ward must verify these wards.

Wards that fulfil the prescribed staff, technical and spatial conditions acquire verification.

The minister competent for social issues appoints a six-member commission for the verification procedure.

If the commission establishes that the services provider fulfils the prescribed conditions, the minister issues a decision on the verification of the secure ward.

The competent ministry enters the secure ward in the register of verified secure wards.