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Authorised expert for radiation protection

Authorised experts for radiation protection cooperate with employers in the assessment of the protection workers exposed to radiation, provide advice regarding work conditions of exposed workers, the scope of implementation of radiation protection measures in observed and supervised areas, examining the effectiveness of these measures, regular calibration of measuring equipment and examining the serviceability of protective equipment and provide training for exposed workers in radiation protection. Authorised experts for radiation protection also examine in regular intervals the level of ionising radiation and contamination of the working environment and working conditions in observed and supervised areas and provide training in radiation protection. An authorised expert for radiation protection must obtain an authorisation from the competent body for an individual field of radiation protection or more fields of radiation protection for a period of five years maximum.

Individual areas of radiation protection are:  

  • activities in health care and veterinary medicine where devices are used that emit ionising radiation (hereinafter referred to as: radiation) as a consequence of particle acceleration (X-ray devices, particle accelerators);
  • activities in health care and veterinary medicine where open or closed sources of radiation are used;
  • individual activities outside health care and veterinary medicine defined in the authorisation.