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The dean of a university member has authorisations and responsibilities in accordance with the act of incorporation, is a professional manager of the member of the university and performs the following tasks:

  •  harmonises education, scientific and research, art and other work;
  • cares and is responsible for the legality of work;
  • monitors, establishes and assures the quality of the university member, study programmes, scientific and research, art and professional work and the preparation of the annual report on quality (self-evaluation of the member);
  • reports to the member's senate and chancellor at least once a year;
  • performs other tasks in accordance with the law, other regulations and general acts of the university.

 A dean of the university member or independent higher education institution can be appointed if they are employed as a higher education teacher.

A dean of the university member is appointed by the chancellor upon the proposal of the senate or professional council of the university member.

A dean of a higher education institution that is not a member of the university, is a management authority and professional manager of the institution.

Recognition of qualifications acquired abroad

There are following systems for the recognition of professional qualifications acquired in the EU:

Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.
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