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The drag lift operator and his deputy are responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the drag lift. In the event of an accident, they introduce the necessary measures. They manage the daily implementation of internal control and ensure the qualification of the personnel working on the lift.

A suitably qualified candidate may take the professional qualification test drag lift operating managers. The seminar encompasses 68 hours and the training costs EUR 1,050.00 (VAT exempt). The cost of the professional qualification test is EUR 160.00 (VAT exempt). The participants receive written materials at the training programme.

The minister issues an authorisation for managing the operation of a cableway installation to the candidate who meets the conditions. The manager must have an authorisation for the technologically most complex cableway installation operated by a single operator.

The manager who has the authorisation is obligated to upgrade his professional qualifications with new findings and methods in the field and participate in consultations and professional training organised by the competent government authority, an authorised organisation, an authorised provider of professional technical inspections, the manufacturer of cableway installations, or a professional association in the field of cableways at least once every five years, whereby he must pass his first professional training within five years after obtaining the authorisation. The professional training certificate must be submitted by the manager to the minister every five years.


Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.
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