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A driver of forest assortments must obtain a certificate on national vocational qualification for a driver in road traffic.

In addition to adequate qualification, a driver of timber assortments must pass the safety-at-work course and use suitable working equipment.


  • To obtain the national vocational qualification, the Certificate on the national vocational qualification must e acquired. The Certificate is acquired in the process of verifying and confirming national vocational qualifications, performed by contractors who are registered in the National Examination Centre's register, namely: The procedure or examining and confirming the NVQ is conducted:


    with direct verification of professional knowledge, skills and qualifications, specified in the catalogue of professional knowledge and skills; by confirming professional knowledge and skills: an applicant prepares a personal portfolio, which is assessed by the commission and the contents of the catalogue are partially or entirely recognised; if the committee is not able to recognise all contents of the catalogue, further tasks for verification are determined.

  • The contractors of works in forest and other users of forestry machinery are obliged to pass the safety-at-work course in the field of forestry. The main topic of the course is the following: 

    organisation of a safe and healthy work in forest; selection, application and maintenance of appropriate machines, equipment and tools; application of the proper working technique; application of the personal protective equipment. 

    The courses are implemented at the locations of the regional units of the Slovenia Forest Service (ZGS).


    The Slovenia Forest Service evidence on the successfully completed course

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    Competent Authority

    Slovenia Forest Service

    Večna pot 2
    1001 Ljubljana

  • The contractor of forest works must have appropriate working and personal protective equipment: 

    protective clothing which are made to discharge extra moisture and protect against external weather conditions; a protective helmet which should be equipped with a visor and earmuffs; forestry gloves providing a good grip and equipped with the fibres against the cut; protective footwear in a from of a forestry protective shoes or forestry rubber boots with the protection against the cut, strengthened with the toe cap, ankle support and ribbed sole.


    Appropriateness of working and protective equipment is checked by the on-site inspectors.

    Legal basis

Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.
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