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An engine driver is an adult who has a permit for engine driver, who is professionally trained for performing the tasks of an engine driver, who has adequate education or a passed master exam and is fit for the job in terms language skills.

An engine driver performs the following tasks:

  • driving locomotives,
  • ensuring that the train is ready for driving,
  • reporting on the formation and braking of the train,
  • driving the train according to the schedule,
  • observing the driving path,
  • repeating the signals received from the assistant engine driver,
  • shunting with locomotive,
  • performing brake tests,
  • inspecting locomotives and carriages,
  • inspecting the conformity of the load on freight carriages,
  • securing railway vehicles from self-movement,
  • coupling and decoupling of vehicles,
  • including with an accessory coupling,
  • eliminating malfunctions on vehicles and the train,
  • calculating true brake weight,
  • calculating maximum speed,
  • inspecting the train,
  • securing the train stopped at open railway line.


  • A person who wants to work as a train driver, must acquire the train driver licence, which is a document issued by the  Public Agency for Rail Transport of the Republic of Slovenia (AŽP) for the period of ten years.

    The applicant or the employer in the applicant's name submits an application for the acquisition of the permit at the AŽP, which issues a licence in one month.

    The licence is issued in one original version in Slovenian language.

    The person who wants to acquire the train driver licence, must be healthy and of appropriate age, and they have to pass the general professional examination.


  • During rail traffic management, railway operational staff members and

    operational staff members on industrial sidings communicate in the language

    determined by the operator.

    The language of the operator in the Republic of

    Slovenia is Slovenian.

    All railway operational staff members must communicate

    actively and efficiently with the infrastructure operator in normal, worsened

    and extraordinary conditions. 


    Certificate of completed theoretical training

    Legal basis

  • A person who wishes to work as a train driver, carriage inspector,

    driver of track maintenance devices, station master, conductor or train manager

    must pass a master craftsman examination and have at least 3 years of work


    The master craftsman examination is intended to verify that the

    candidate is qualified to perform their profession or occupation, to

    independently manage the shop, educate trainees and master other knowledge and

    skills determined in the list of examinations for the master craftsman


    The examination is taken in four parts:

    • practical part (Part I),
    • professional and theoretical part (Part II),
    • managerial and financial part (Part III),
    • pedagogical and andragogical part (part IV).


    parts of the master craftsman examination are divided into examination units in

    accordance with the list of examinations, determining the content, scope of

    master craftsman’s activities, the objectives of the examination and parts of

    the examination indicating professional fields. 


    A candidate who wishes to take the

    master craftsman examination submits an application to the competent authority

    proving their suitability to take the examination. The candidate must apply to

    the competent authority for each part of the examination with an application 30

    days prior to the examination date at the latest. The candidate can apply by

    post or electronically.


    The entire examination is taken in

    accordance with the list of examinations.

    The practical part comprises a work

    test and master craftsman examination assignment. The written part for an

    individual subject in the professional and theoretical part of the master

    craftsman examination takes up to 180 minutes. The oral part of the examination

    or oral presentation takes a maximum of 30 minutes. The managerial and financial

    part of the examination is taken in written form and takes up to 180 minutes.

    The pedagogical and andragogical part of the master craftsman examination is

    comprised of a written examination that takes up to 180 minutes and a practical

    presentation that takes 45 minutes.

    The candidate can take several written

    examinations on the same day; however, they may not exceed a total of 360


    The competent authority submits examination dates to candidates for

    each individual part of the master craftsman examination at least once per

    year. All examination dates are published on the website of the competent


    If the master craftsman examination is passed, the candidate

    receives a certificate


    Certificate of passed master craftsman examination

    Legal basis

    Competent Authority

    Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia

    Celovška cesta 71
    1000 Ljubljana

  • A person who wishes to implement the tasks of a train driver must complete a general or vocational matura examination.


    Copy of the general or vocational matura examination

    Legal basis

  • Professional training for train drivers includes theoretical and practical training.

    Theoretical training includes:

    • knowledge of provisions in the rules on signalling;
    • knowledge of provisions in the rules on transport;
    • conduct during serious accidents or incidents, and
    • detailed professional knowledge relating to braking of the train and during shunting.

    Practical training includes:

    • training on health and safety at work relating to the risk assessment;
    • training on fire safety;
    • learning about operative regulations in the safe management system;
    • working under supervision, where the candidate under the supervision of an instructor is trained to do all tasks which they will perform as a train driver independently, and becomes familiar with the station and all devices and equipment installed, and
    • taking the practical examination before the commission appointed by the employer.

    The entity implementing training issues a certificate of the passed examination of theoretical competence after the candidate has completed the theoretical training and verification of theoretical competence. 

    The employer issues a certificate after completing the first train driver’s practical examination. To obtain the next certificate, the train driver undergoes only practical training, followed by a practical examination.


    Certificate of the passed examination of theoretical competence

    Certificate of completed practical examination

    Legal basis

Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.
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