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Head of disinfection, disinsection and deratisation

Qualified staff must be available for the implementation of DDD activities. The head of DDD activity is an individual with appropriate education.


  • DDD activities may be conducted by:

    •  a doctor of medicine;
    • graduate in sanitary engineering;
    • university graduate engineer in agronomy;
    • graduate engineer of agronomy;
    • doctor of veterinary medicine or
    • university graduate in biology.

     A DDD manager must be trained in accordance with the programme. The organiser of training is the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia in cooperation with regional institutes of public health. The training is followed by an assessment of knowledge, upon which a certificate is issued. The training must be repeated every five years.

    A DDD manager must also obtain knowledge on safety at work with a special emphasis on dangerous chemicals.


    Diploma or doctorate in a suitable study programme

    Legal basis

Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is possible on cross-border/temporary basis. Acquisition of permits is not required prior to commencing the service.