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An insurance broker provides brokerage services in the conclusion of insurance contract for one or more insurance companies.

They strive to make contact between policyholders and insurance companies in order for policyholders to negotiate with insurance companies on the conclusion of an insurance contract.

In addition to the aforementioned, insurance brokerage also includes activities related to the preparation for the conclusion of an insurance contract, and assistance with the exercise of the rights arising from the contract, especially with the solving of claims addressed to an insurance company.


  • A natural person who acquires a licence to provide services of an insurance broker from the Insurance Supervision Agency may carry out insurance brokerage at an insurance company or an insurance agency.

    The Insurance Supervision Agency issues a licence to provide insurance agency services if a person meets the following conditions:

    1. they have passed the test of professional knowledge required to provide insurance brokerage services;

    2. at least one year experience in insurance transactions they have acquired on the basis of employment or other legal relationship with an insurance company or an insurance agency or a brokerage company;

    3. is proficient in Slovenian;

    4. they have not been unconditionally convicted res judicata of a criminal offence against property and the economy for at least three months;

    5. the Insurance Supervision Agency did not withdraw their licence to provide insurance agency or brokerage services less than five years ago,

    6. they have concluded professional liability insurance.


  • Insurance brokerage companies must keep a register of insurance brokers who provide insurance brokerage in insurance brokerage companies on the basis of employment or any other legal relationship. The aforementioned registers are publicly accessible.

Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is possible on cross-border/temporary basis. You may start performing it after acquisition of a specific permit from Competent authority.
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