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A lawyer offers legal advice, represents and defends clients before courts and other state authorities, draws up documents, and represents clients in their legal relationships.

A lawyer may be a person who is entered in the lawyers’ register with the Slovenian Bar Association.



  • Persons and law firms meeting the conditions to practice the profession of lawyer are entered in the lawyers’ register managed by the Slovenian Bar Association.

    The application is filed with the Bar Association, which, on the basis of the submitted application, enters a person or law firm in the lawyers’ register.

    Upon entry in the register, the Bar Association issues a professional identity card.


    Legal basis

  • Members of the Bar Association must pay a membership fee and other contributions determined by the Lawyers' Assembly to the Association.

    On the date of the entry in the lawyers' register, a person becomes a compulsory member of the Slovenian Bar Association.

    The obligations of individuals to the Association are as follows:

    • to pay a monthly membership in the amount of EUR 22.95;
    • contribution for a humanitarian fund;
    • contribution for the Regional Assembly of Attorneys;
    • contribution for mutual assistance;
    • insurance contribution.

    Legal basis

  • The Slovenian Bar Association insures a lawyer against liability for damages which could be incurred by a client during the practice of the profession of lawyer.

    The insurance covers damages due to gross negligence, error or failure to perform professional obligation on the part of a lawyer and his or her employees in the amount of:

    • EUR 250,000 for an individual case, or
    • EUR 500,000 annually.
    The insurance premium is paid from the lawyer's insurance contribution.

Recognition of qualifications acquired abroad

There are following systems for the recognition of professional qualifications acquired in the EU:

Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is possible on cross-border/temporary basis. You may start performing it after acquisition of a specific permit from Competent authority.
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