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Informative Notice

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Professional manager of social security services

A provider of social security services must employ a professional manager who fulfils the conditions prescribed for the director of the social security institution. 

If the provider of social security services is a private entity – natural entity – he must fulfil only the conditions prescribed for the professional manager.


  • The professional manager of the provider of social security services must have:
    • high professional or university education related to the field of social work or 
    • high professional or university education in the field of psychology, pedagogy and its special disciplines, administration, law, sociology, medicine – field of occupational therapy and theology with relevant specialisation
    and five years of work experience.


    • Diploma: original or certified copy or non-certified copy and the original provided upon request
    • Certificate on acquired work experience

    Legal basis

  • The professional examination in the field of social security is taken by employees and other workers in the field of social security who are trained for professional work, prove at least one year of work experience in the respective field and have obtained appropriate education, and workers who want to pursue the tasks of professional manager of the provider of social security services.

    The Social Chamber of Slovenia carries out professional examinations according to the public authorisation. The professional examination is carried out at the facilities of the Social Chamber of Slovenia. The candidates send an application form (Form SZS SI-1) with evidence on the fulfilment of conditions at least one month before the desired examination period.

    Examination periods are determined once a month. The examination lasts two days.

    The written part is usually carried out in the second week in a month, while the oral part takes place in the third. Examinations are not carried out in summer time, i.e. in July and August. Examinations in the month of December are scheduled in the first two weeks.

    The written part of professional examination: the title of the written assignment is determined from the selected field which the candidate selects in the application form. The written examination means the beginning of the professional examination. Candidates receive an invitation at least 15 days before a specific examination period.

    The oral part of the professional examination: it is performed according to the programme of the professional examination in the field of social security.  The candidates who sat the professional examination in other field shall submit the evidence to their application and may thus sit an additional professional examination. The expert service of the Chamber annual reviews the programme of the professional examination with legal and other sources that more specifically define the content of the programme of the professional examination.  

    The candidates receive more detailed legal content referring to the programme of the professional examination and which knowledge a candidate shall also obtain from the preparatory seminars for the professional examination.  The list of individual preparatory seminars implemented by the Chamber throughout the year is constantly published in a monthly forecast of education programmes.  

    The price of the professional examination (also additional examination) is 225.00 EUR including 22 % VAT. If the candidates resit one of the examination fields, the price is 125.00 EUR including 22 % VAT.


    Certificate of the passed professional examination

    Legal basis

  • The professional manager shall complete the programme for the management of social security institute determined by the Social Chamber with the consent of the Council of Experts of the Republic of Slovenia for General Education.

    As per the decision of the Social Chamber of Slovenia the verified education is carried out by the company Firis Imperl d. o .o.

    In terms of content, the programme is divided in three modules, two of them are further divided into sub-modules.  

    The sub-modules are as follows:

    • I/A: Human resource organisation and management;
    • I/B: Material resource organisation and management;
    • II/A: Elements of successful planning and decision-making – quality management;
    • II/B: Introduction of changes and project management;
    • III/A: Management dynamics, organisational culture and personal development of employees.

    The programme comprises 10 three-day seminar bundles. The participation fee for an individual bundle or seminar is 316.00 EUR including VAT per a candidate. In addition to the implementation of the programme, the price also includes additional literature and catering services (except for overnight accommodation).

    After the completed programme, the candidate prepares the final thesis in a form of the project of improvement in his organisation.   The candidate defends the thesis before a two-member commission and all other candidates from his class.   After successfully defending the thesis, the candidate receives a diploma as a publicly valid document.

    Since the provider Firis Imperl d.o.o. also has the licence of the European Association for Directors of Residential Homes for the Elderly, the candidate receives also the European certificate that enables him to be employed at the head job posts within the scope of the social institutions of the European Union where the additional education for manager is prescribed.

    More information on the education programme and available programme schedules is available at the following link.

    A candidate without management programme may also be appointed a professional manager. However, he must complete the respective programme within one year after starting performing the tasks of professional manager.   If this programme is not completed within the deadline, his mandate is terminated as per the law.

    Before entering in the programme with the Social Chamber of Slovenia, an individual may prove with the valid document that he partially or wholly completed the programme or finished the education programme with similar content.   

    The procedure of partial or whole recognition of the programme is carried out by the Social Chamber of Slovenia service to which the individual should submit a public document proving that he finished an individual post-graduate specialisation master's or doctorate.

    Legal basis

Recognition of qualifications acquired abroad

There are following systems for the recognition of professional qualifications acquired in the EU:

Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is not possible on Cross-border/temporary basis.