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Rail controller

A rail controller is an adult who is professionally trained for performing the tasks of a rail controller, has work experience as a traffic controller and is fit for the job in terms of physical condition and language skills. A rail controller is a worker on a remote-controlled line who directly manages the train traffic on the line, a section of the line or on more than three stations from a central signalling box. 



  • Candidates must have practical training before they carry out the tasks of a station master with responsibility for train movements.

    Practical training includes:

    • training on health and safety at work relating to the risk assessment;
    • training on fire safety and learning about operative regulations in the safe management system;
    • working under supervision, where the candidate under the supervision of an instructor is trained to do all tasks which they will perform independently as a station master with responsibility for train movements, and becomes familiar with the station and all devices and equipment installed, and
    • taking the practical examination before the commission appointed by the employer.

    After passing the practical examination, the candidate receives a certificate from the employer with whom the practical part of the training took place.

    To obtain the next certificate, a station master with responsibility for train movements undergoes only practical training, followed by a practical examination.

    Station masters with responsibility for train movements have professional competence to manage local traffic of all stations where traffic is managed remotely.


    Certificate of completed practical part of the training

    Legal basis

  • Prior to professional training and filling their posts, station masters with responsibility for train movements and train dispatchers must work as station masters at technically and technologically demanding stations for at least five years.

    Legal basis

  • A worker who meets special health criteria has the right to work as a

    railway operational staff member.

    A railway operational staff member must be

    physically and mentally able to do work for which the employment contract was


    Physical and mental abilities must be checked with regular and

    exceptional medical examinations. Medical examinations are conducted and

    managed by authorised health care institutions.

    A regular medical examination

    must be conducted before the expiry of the prescribed deadline.

    Upon medical

    examinations, a railway operational staff member must submit:

    Within 10

    days after each medical examination, the authorised doctor issues a medical certificate

    on the fulfilment of conditions for the safe work of a railway operational

    staff member. 


    Medical certificate for the assessment of fulfilling special medical


    Legal basis

  • During rail traffic management, railway operational staff members and

    operational staff members on industrial sidings communicate in the language

    determined by the operator.

    The language of the operator in the Republic of

    Slovenia is Slovenian.

    All railway operational staff members must communicate

    actively and efficiently with the infrastructure operator in normal, worsened

    and extraordinary conditions. 


    Certificate of completed theoretical training

    Legal basis

Cross-border provisions of profession

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