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Shipping agent

A shipping agent is a legal entity or individual registered for the performance of maritime shipping agency. A shipping agent is an individual who can conclude contracts on a maritime shipping deal for a person who is registered for the performance of this activity.

A contract on maritime shipping agency deal can be concluded for a shipping agent by a person who passes the professional examination. A shipping agent is obliged and eligible for making deals that are necessary or usual for the implementation of the accepted order with the diligence of good businessman and within the limits of the authorisation. He or she has the right to reimbursement of costs and reward for agency or to conclude contracts and can demand an advance for the coverage of costs. A shipping agent is obliged to keep an agent log and keep copies of documentation.



  • A maritime agent must pass the professional exam for performing maritime agency transactions.

    The tasks in connection with the organisation and implementation of professional exams are performed by the authorised organisation appointed by the ministry of infrastructure.

    The professional exam entails subjects with the following content:

    • the basics of maritime agency transaction,
    • contract on exploiting ships,
    • maritime administrative law,
    • the basics of trade and financial operations,
    • the basics of English maritime terminology.

    A candidate who wants to take a professional exam submits a written application at the authorised organisation. The application must encompass the evidence on appropriate education and work experience.

    The professional exam is taken in front of an exam commission in oral form for maximum one hour.

    The candidate has the right to a complaint if they disagree with the evaluation.

    The candidate who passed the professional exam, receives a certificate on fulfilling the conditions for maritime agency services.


  • A shipping agent may have for the shipping company, for which he carries out shipping agency services, a special transaction account for the payment of the cost of the shipping company and receiving the payments for the shipping company services.

    If these operations are carried out with several shipping companies at the same time, he may have a special transaction account for each of them.

    In case that the shipping agent does not have a special transaction account for each shipping company, he must keep separate accounting records for each shipping company.


    Keeping separate accounting records

    Legal basis

  • A shipping agent is obliged to keep an agent log and issue an agent notice for each transaction that he provides.

    A shipping agent is obliged to keep the copies of issued or received documents related to the tasks he carries out/provides for three years. All these documents are a trade secret and the agent shall not alienate them without the customer's consent.


    Keeping a log and record keeping

    Legal basis

Recognition of qualifications acquired abroad

There are following systems for the recognition of professional qualifications acquired in the EU:

Cross-border provisions of profession

Tuji pomorski agent mora imeti opravljen strokovni izpit za sklepanje prometnih agencijskih poslov.