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The work of a ski patroller may only be performed by a person who acquires an authorisation from the minister competent for internal affairs.

A patroller is a person who maintains order and ensures safety on the ski slope.  The tasks of the patroller particularly include:

  • managing the movement of people arriving and exiting the ski slope;
  • warning skiers and giving instructions;
  • determining the identity of skiers;
  • notifying the police and requesting its intervention;
  • confiscating ski passes and prohibiting skiing, when applicable;
  • viewing a scene of an accident and composing a written record;
  • offering first aid and securing an accident site.

When performing their tasks on a ski slope, patrollers must wear the required visible markings and must have their official identity card.

Patrollers must participate in a training programme at least every four years.

Last modified:
8. 9. 2021