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A service provider is obliged to ensure that every organised group within the package travel and related domestic and international travel arrangement is accompanied by a tour leader and, if the package travel and related travel arrangement include guiding tourists and a tour guide who can also carry out the tour leader's tasks.

Tour guides provide expert guiding of visitors in accordance with a programme provided in advance. 

They are professionals who have passed the professional competence programme examination.

Successful completion of the examination is evidenced by a tour guide licence card issued by the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia. The card must be visibly displayed when tour guide services are carried out.

Tour guides that have passed the exam at the national level provide guiding services that are not limited to particular areas, while tour guides for a tourist area (municipal regulation) are only allowed to provide guiding services in their respective designated areas.

Tour guides are required to submit data to the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia no later than by 31 January each year on the number of days they provided tour-guiding services and the countries in which they provided tour-guiding services in the previous year.


  • The profession of tourist guide may be carried out by persons who have passed the professional competence programme exam of 3 February 1999, adopted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, or by persons from a Contracting State with recognised professional qualifications for pursuing the profession of tourist guide (issued positive decision).

    Licence cards issued by the examiner are deemed evidence of a passed exam; the licence card shows the name of the issuer, the name of the tourist guide, their photograph, the licence card's reference number from the register of tourist guides; it is affixed with a current year label.


Recognition of qualifications acquired abroad

There are following systems for the recognition of professional qualifications acquired in the EU:

Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is possible on cross-border/temporary basis. Acquisition of permits is not required prior to commencing the service.
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