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Professional title: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Dr. Vet. Med.).

A veterinarian is a doctor of veterinary medicine with a veterinary licence.

The tasks of a veterinarian are to protect and improve the health of animals, protect animals from contagious and other diseases, establish, diagnose and treat sick animals.


  • Upon entry in the register, an individual acquires the title veterinarian.

    The written application is lodged at the Veterinary Chamber.

    The Veterinary Chamber verifies the data of the state examination passed at the Veterinary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia; it also receives acknowledgment of the qualification from the Ministry of Labour; it then issues a decision on granting a licence.

    Data on licences issued are entered in the register of veterinary licences.


Recognition of qualifications acquired abroad

There are following systems for the recognition of professional qualifications acquired in the EU:

Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is possible on cross-border/temporary basis. You may start performing it after acquisition of a specific permit from Competent authority.

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