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A Slovenian tax number for natural persons

How foreign persons can obtain a Slovenian tax number

A Slovenian tax number for foreign individuals can be obtained by following these steps:

Step 1

  • Complete the form DR-02 for obtaining a tax number for foreign persons.

Step 2

The person must attach a copy of their personal identification document. If a tax number is being obtained by an authorised person, the letter of authorisation must also be attached. 

Step 3

The completed form and document copy can be sent to one of the tax administration offices or it can also be submitted  in person. If it is submitted in person, a tax number may be assigned immediately and the person will have obtained a Slovenian tax number.

The DR-02 form must also be completed for those wanting to perform activity in Slovenian on a cross-border/temporary basis.

Last modified:
5. 5. 2021