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Cultural protection approval which permits the research and removal of an archaeological remain may be issued only under the condition that such research and removal be supervised by the institute and executed by a person with the technical competence to carry out archaeological researches.

The approval for research and removal is issued by the Ministry of Culture. The research and the removal are supervised by a competent organisation. 

The approval also confirms the removal if the approval orders the person to implement a countervailing measure.

The countervailing measure shall be, in terms of its effect, proportional to the significance of the archaeological remains the removal of which is permitted.

The application for the issue of the approval is filed by the contracting authority or the researcher files it at the ministry according to the authorisation of the contracting authority. Prior to the issue of the approval for the research and the removal of archaeological remains, the application is considered by the Expert Committee for Archaeological Research which also issues a preliminary opinion.

In its opinion, the Commission assesses the reasons for the implementation of the research, the suitability of qualification and structure of the research group and the suitability of proposed research procedures.

The Ministry of Culture issues an approval for a research, if:

  • there are findings or material evidence or indirect indicators that archaeological findings are on a specifiable area, in the ground or in the water,
  • the implementation of the research is founded, and the commission provides its preliminary opinion on this matter under the condition that
  • the research is supervised by an institution or performed by a person professionally qualified for the implementation of archaeological research.

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