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Registration of plant protection products (PPP)

An applicant who wants to trade in PPP requests for the registration by himself or through a representative in each individual Member State where he plans to trade in PPP.

The competent authority decides on the registration of PPP on the basis of the consent of the authority competent for chemicals.

The request must include the following information:

  • list of the foreseen use in each zone and Member States where the applicant lodged or intends to lodge a request;
  • a proposal which Member State should assess the request for the respective zone. In the case of the request for the use in greenhouses, treatment after the harvesting, treatment of empty warehouses and treatment of seeds, only one Member state is proposed to assess the application taking into account all suitable zones,
  • copies of all registrations already issued for this respective PPP in the Member State; and
  • if appropriate, the copies of all resolutions of Member States assessing the equivalence.

Upon submitting a request, the applicant may demand that some information and some parts of documentation remain confidential and physically separates this information.

An application for the registration must be drawn up in the Slovenian language, whereas the documentation attached to the application may be in the Slovenian, English or German language or exceptionally also in other official language of the European Union, if the competent authority consents.

Last modified:
8. 9. 2021