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A veterinary assistant is a person with a suitable education who under the supervision of a veterinarian performs individual veterinary services such as:

  • protective vaccination of animals;
  • application of drugs to animals;
  • drawing blood,
  • milk and faeces for laboratory testing and performing the technical part of the test for typhus avium;
  • drawing samples and performing trichinoscopy;
  • inseminating animals and keeping insemination records;
  • distributing drugs and medical devices for the use in veterinary medicine;
  • preparation of disinfectants and insecticides, and performing disinfection, disinfection and deratisation according to the veterinarian's instructions;
  • taking semen and preparing insemination dosages under the veterinarian's supervision;
  • laboratory examinations of semen for reproduction capacity;
  • various veterinary services such as the castration of pigs and correction of hooves, dehelmentisation and ferminisation of pigs;
  • performing routine laboratory examinations and services under the veterinarian' supervision;
  • routine parasitological examinations, keeping records and documents;
  • assistance at surgeries and the preparation of surgical instruments;
  • animal labelling - chipping, numbering.

A veterinary organisation can employ a veterinarian instead of a veterinary assistant with regards to the nature and scope of work.


Cross-border provisions of profession

Performance of the profession in Slovenia is possible on cross-border/temporary basis. Acquisition of permits is not required prior to commencing the service.
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8. 9. 2021