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Social security and insurance

Social security and the insurance of employees in Slovenia

In Slovenia, the employer must register the employee for the obligatory pension, invalidity, health and unemployment insurance.

Registration must be done through Slovenian Business Point portal, for which a digital certificate is required or at one of SPOT points.

The competent authority for obligatory social insurances is the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.

Sole traders must apply for insurance as a contribution payer after beginning their activities.

The Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia is responsible for verifying that contributions are paid.

Social security contributions in Slovenia are paid as a withholding tax by the employer and also by employees via their monthly salary using their gross salary as the basis. The rates of contributions paid by employers and employees (in brackets) are:

  • contribution for pension and disability insurance: »8.85% (15.50%)
  • contribution for compulsory health insurance:« 6.56% (6.36%)
  • parental care contribution:« 0.10% (0.10%)
  • employment contribution:« 0.06% (0.14%)
  • contribution for insurance in case of injury at work and occupational disease:« 0.53%
  • Total: employer - 16.10%, employee - 22.10%

To be eligible for health and pension insurance in Slovenia, individuals can also enter an individual or collective voluntary insurance scheme enabled by equity funds. Supplementary insurance, rights and obligations, and procedures for enforcing above-standard services are offered by insurance service providers who have obtained the appropriate licence at the Insurance Supervision Agency.

As of 1 January 2012, public funds are claimed at social work centres (CSD). Public funds can be claimed if an individual's income does not exceed the income limit. Public funds include cash benefits, subsidies and reduced payments.

The following rights can be claimed at social work centres: child benefit, cash social benefit, minimum pension support, state scholarship, reduced kindergarten fees, additional lunch subsidy for primary and secondary school students, lunch subsidy for primary school students, transport subsidy for primary and secondary school students, subsidised rents, funds to cover the difference between the full value of healthcare services and payment of contributions for compulsory health insurance.